About Us

Amad Design and Procurement Company was established in Sep.2005 with the specific goal of supplying specialty equipment required in control and distribution of conditioned air, in particular the explosion proof and fire-resistant types which are mostly used in oil and Gas and petrochemical plants.

The first goal of the company was to supply the highest quality of the above mentioned equipment in order to raise the safety level of buildings in oil and gas and petrochemical sites thereby protect the employees and the critical equipment from harm during dangerous conditions caused by an explosion or fire.

We achieved our goal soon after due to the long experience we had already gained in the HVAC industries and after 16 years of non- stop activity along with expertise, truthfulness and commitment, Amad Design and procurement company is recognized as the first choice and the most reliable supplier of the following equipment in oil and gas and petrochemical plants:

  • Blast valves & Blast dampers.
  • Manual & Motorized volume dampers, Diffusers, Grilles & Registers.
  • Motorized & Fusible Fire dampers.
  • Gastight dampers with minimum leakage.
  • Motorized and counter weight Pressure Relief Dampers.
  • Electrical Duct Heaters with all necessary control and thermal devices.
  • All kinds of intake and sand trap louvers.
  • All kinds of Sound attenuators.

We shall not stop updating and upgrading our know-how and the quality of products and services on our way to further acquiring the satisfaction and confidence of our clients.


Tele fax: +98 21 26403606-8

Emai : info@amad.ir

Address: U5, 2nd floor, No. 12, Anvar (Shangarf) St, in front of Al-Ghadir Mosque,

Mirdamad Blvd, Tehran-Iran

  • Maintaining safety and health standards within industrial sites is our priority

  • Our know how and experience help us to fulfill clients' requirements

  • Your Trust and satisfaction are the foundation of our business

  • Your comments and suggestions help us to improve everyday

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